Do you sometimes use boxed mac and cheese for your kids or yourself? Yes, homemade mac and cheese is great, but sometimes we need convenient options! If you’re a boxed mac fan, you’re going to love this! 



Here’s how we like to modify boxed mac and cheese: 

  • Add frozen or fresh veggies (peas, small broccoli florets, small cauliflower florets, butternut squash) to the last few minutes of boiling water so they’re fully cooked.
  • Use butter (try grassfed if available – it has more CLA and omega-3 fats!), and if you want to add some more protein try plain Greek yogurt instead of milk. Use the same quantity or a little more than what’s called for on the mac and cheese box.

Trader Joe’s Organic Mac and Cheese or Annie’s Homegrown brand are some of our favorites, 

Try this early with your young toddler so that they are used to their mac looking a little different each time! Have an older toddler set in their ways and will only eat the mac and cheese from the blue box? Use the strategies in step 7 of our Toddler & Kid Course to slowly graduate away from foods presented the same way each time.

Additional tips to try: 

  • Stir in diced chicken, turkey or beans.
  • Try lentil or whole grain pasta if you make it from scratch – some boxed brands now use lentil or whole grain pasta! 
  • Stir in pureed butternut squash for more color and flavor.
  • Need to boost calories? Stir in cream cheese or heavy cream.
  • Stir in marinara sauce and mini meatballs.
  • Add spices – smoked paprika and garlic go great with mac and cheese!


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