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Infant Course

Trusted techniques to safely and confidently introduce your baby to solid foods.

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Toddler & Kid Course

Prevent and manage picky eating and raise confident, intuitive eaters who have a healthy relationship to food.

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Bundle & Save!

The only course bundle you need to navigate all things eating for ages 6 months and beyond.  Get immediate, lifetime access to both courses, so you can start, stop, and revisit the course content when and where it works for you.


The Infant Course for babies ages 6-12 month. It's perfect for babies who are brand new to solid foods or babies who have been spoon-fed and are transitioning to self-feeding. It's also perfect for babies struggling with self-feeding who need extra guidance. Many parents use the course before 6 months to prepare for solids, as there are tips on developmental exercises you can do to help your baby get ready for solid foods.

Our Toddler & Kid Course is for kids who are already self-feeding ages 1-10 years. Some parents start it when their baby is 10-12 months old to prepare for the toddler stage. If you have an older baby (9-12 months) who is already self-feeding successfully, start with the Toddler & Kid Course; if they're not self-feeding well, try the Infant Course first.

Our courses are meant to complement one another, but the content in each course is very different. The Infant Course is all about starting solid foods via self-feeding so your baby can eat a wide variety of foods and successfully transition off breast or bottle feeds when the time is right. The Toddler & Kid Course focuses on preventing or managing picky eating, how to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need, setting mealtimes up for success and raising an intuitive, adventurous eater.

The core content of the course is 2 hours long. Additional sections like troubleshooting, smart spoon feeding and cooking methods take up to 1.5 additional hours if taken in their entirety, but many clients do not need all of the content in this course. To customize your learning experience and cut down on run time, the Infant Course can be watched as videos, listened to podcast-style or read as a script.

The core content of the Toddler & Kid course takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete, broken down into bite-sized lessons. Bonus content, including sensory and oral-motor challenges, allergies and special diets adds an additional 55 minutes when the course is taken in its entirety. To customize your learning experience and cut down on run time, the Toddler & Kid course can be watched as videos, listened to podcast-style or read as a script.

Bite-sized steps that you can watch as a video, read like an article or listen to podcast-style. At the beginning of each step, you'll find a summary of what's covered so you can tailor your experience to only the info you need. The videos are closed-captioned.

No! Buying our course bundle is exactly the same as buying our Infant Course and Toddler & Kid Course on their own. But when you buy them together as a bundle, you save $20!

Yes! If you’re not satisfied, email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you in full.

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