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Limited edition

NumNum x 
Feeding Littles 

Our co-branded spoon set is designed to revolutionize your baby’s self-feeding journey.

These intentionally crafted GOOtensils feature a short, grippy handle, perfect for babies 6 months and older to hold and bring to their mouths 
with ease. 

These GOOtensils let your little one successfully self-feed without frustration.

Our set includes three GOOtensils. Why? Because babies tend to hold onto their spoons once they’ve eaten from them, and getting them back to load them again can be a challenge. By offering a third spoon, we encourage babies to let go of one of their empty spoons and “trade up” for a full one. We call this the Three Spoon Circus. It's a simple yet effective way to prevent mealtime battles and foster a sense of accomplishment for both baby and caregiver.

Our GOOtensil sets come in fun, custom colors—neutrals and neons. And, as a bonus, we’ve partnered with Bapron to create matching custom bibs, designed to complement each GOOtensil set.

With NumNum X Feeding Littles, we're redefining the way families approach mealtimes, putting the joy and success back into self-feeding. 

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