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Feeding Littles Lunches
Our highly-anticipated lunchbox inspo book is almost here! Get excited for 75+ gorgeous, full-page images of delicious, balanced and simple packed lunches for ages 18 months – 18+ years.
Preorder your copy today and get ready for stress-free lunches!
In every lunch featured, you’ll find allergy swaps, picky eater strategies, and toddler tips that make these lunches customizable to your family. Every lunch can be safely served to kids of all ages – no cutesy shapes, recipes or complicated assembly required.
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What You'll Find Inside:

✔️ 75+ lunch ideas 

✔️ 28 snack ideas 

✔️ Meal time inspiration for all ages

✔️ Easy preparation & packing

✔️ Balanced approach

✔️ Diverse options

✔️ Endless inspiration
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This visual book is meant to be shared with your child.

Feeding Littles Lunches invites your child to be part of the lunchbox experience. With this beautiful book in hand, you and your child will get inspired to make easy lunches they are truly excited about.

We know that packing lunches can be tedious and overwhelming, and we’re here to fix that. We hope Feeding Littles Lunches finds a permanent spot on your kitchen counter and is used by both you and your child to create delicious, nutritious lunches that everyone enjoys.
Happy eating!
Megan & Judy