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Feed Your Kids with Confidence.

Online courses and resources for caregivers of babies, toddlers, and kids.


Strategies and support from trusted experts.

Our self-paced online courses give you expert guidance from industry-leading professionals in feeding your kids, ages 6 months and up. Get the tools and inspiration you need to feel positive in feeding your family — with love, flexibility, and fun.


Infant Course

Start your baby on solid foods with confidence. Using trusted techniques, you’ll feel safe introducing finger foods to your infant.


Toddler & Kid Course

Feeding your toddler or school-age child doesn’t have to be frustrating. We are here to help guide and support you. 


The Ultimate Guide to Cup Drinking


Our Favorite High Chairs and Boosters


Help Your Baby Learn to Chew


Bottle Refusal in Breastfed Babies



Judy & Megan are moms & pediatric feeding experts.

Helping you to reclaim joy at the dinner table.


Megan and Judy are industry-leading experts who have worked with thousands of clients just like you. They’ve seen it all in their private practices, and they understand the stress and confusion parents face in this world of information overload. Megan and Judy strive to help parents simplify feeding their families so they can reclaim joy at the dinner table.


Feeding Littles provides education and support to parents and caregivers — reducing the fears and stress during mealtime. We empower parents to feel confident in feeding their children.


Make mealtime fun from the beginning.

Your baby is ready for solid foods - now what? Let us take out the guesswork with our step-by-step course that helps babies learn to feed themselves.


Feeding your toddler can be tough!

Feeding kids can be stressful, especially if they no longer eat the foods they used to love. Learn the simple strategies feeding therapists use to help bring joy back to the table.


Need help or support?

Our resource center is a place where you can find answers to your biggest questions about feeding, nutrition and development. You’ll find free printables, links to our favorite products and info that you can use right now.

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