Did you know that all of these “protein” foods are appropriate for 6 month olds who show readiness signs to eat? 


Many protein foods like beef, poultry and fish are very high in heme (absorbable) iron and are recommended as a first food by the World Health Organization, American Academy of Pediatrics and Health Canada. Yes, babies without teeth can chew softly cooked meats – the trick is to use moisture while cooking! The Instant Pot and crockpot will be your friend – try cooking with low-sodium broth to keep the meat soft.

Yes, babies can digest meats despite some saying that they can’t. In fact, most current digestive health protocols for adults like the GAPS diet and AIP recommend meat as a first food. There’s a reason it’s recommended for babies too! Of course, not everyone eats meat – see vegetarian notes below.

Eggs aren’t high in absorbable iron but are a highly nutritive food that happen to be an allergen. Early, frequent exposure to allergens like eggs, shellfish and finned fish is critical for allergy prevention according to current recommendations. If your child has a higher risk for allergies due to family history, eczema or breast milk/formula tolerance issues, talk to your pediatrician or allergist first.

Vegetarian/vegan? Many non-animal foods like beans, lentils, whole grains and leafy greens are good sources of iron too. You’ll have to decide if you want to introduce seafood, eggs and dairy – all allergens – due to the importance of early and frequent exposure.

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