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Looking for a Father's Day gift for someone special? We've compiled a list of our favorite ideas!

  • Slippers like these or these
  • Hot sauce
  • Speaker
  • Pickle Ball set or paddles separately here
  • Kids artwork frames
  • Waterpik
  • Adult paint by number kits
  • Sport events tickets
  • Folding canopy chair - this is awesome for the sidelines (Renetto is Megan’s favorite brand, cheaper dupe here)
  • Babble or Rosetta stone membership/credits? 
  • BBQ tool set
  • Bose noise canceling headphones or dupes like these or these
  • Night alone at home or in a hotel
  • Planned day or night out with his buddies - golf, fishing, watching sports, casino, poker tournament
  • Hawaiian shirt with kid’s face on it
  • Custom golf balls or gear
  • Photo of dad/grandpa and his kids/grandkids in a nice frame
  • Clear ice balls for cocktails like these
  • Books or Audible credits
  • Our lunchbox book preorder 
  • Away Luggage
  • Surprise visits from loved ones
  • Photobook of pics of him with his kids/grandkids 
  • Our cookbook
  • Plane ticket or short trip