Courses - Feeding Littles


Infant Course

Ages: 6+ months

Whether your baby is brand new to solids or you’re looking to transition off of spoon-feeding, we offer clear guidance for safe self-feeding. 

Toddler & Kid Course

Ages: 1-10 years

Our evidence-based strategies teach you how to handle the stress and struggle of feeding littles kids so that everyone can enjoy mealtime. 

Bundle and save

Get both courses – the Infant Course and Toddler & Kid Course – and save $20! You’ll have everything you need to feed your child from age 6 months until 10 years. With lifetime access to both courses, you can watch and rewatch them and get the expert guidance you need on your terms. 

My two year old eats EVERYTHING!
“Y'all have been so helpful on our journey. I don't think I say it enough. My two-year-old eats EVERYTHING. Stuff I would never even think of touching when I was a toddler. He uses his fork and spoon like a champ and drinks all the water out of his cup. Megan and Judy, thank you!“
Heather D. (with Wesley)

Infant and Toddler/Kid Courses

Why Feeding Littles?

  • Judgement-free expert advice from dietitian Megan McNamee MPH, RDN and feeding therapist Judy Delaware OTR/L, CLC
  • Take our course on your terms – watch it, read it or listen to it podcast-style
  • 30-day money back guarantee 
  • Unlimited on-demand course access 
  • Invitation to our Clients Only Facebook Group
We are so thankful for the Feeding Littles Infant Course!
“I’ve been a terribly picky eater my whole life and I so desperately wanted our daughter to enjoy all kinds of foods. She is just barely one, and she is already such an adventurous and intuitive eater. It has been so fun to watch her experience new tastes, flavors and textures. Our family is always very impressed when they come to visit and can see how well she does with us at the table.”
Amy Tallia

Infant Course

A portion of the proceeds from this class will benefit SMA research. Learn more about SMA and baby Jack here.

Mealtimes are fun again and not as stressful!
“I took both the Infant and Toddler/Kid Courses, and our feeding troubles all but went away. Now I feel empowered to feed my toddler. She still has her picky days, but the anxiety I used to feel about her eating has vanished. Mealtimes are fun again and not as stressful!”
Tiffany E.

Toddler/Kid Courses

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