Do you have a toddler or baby that dislikes getting their face cleaned after mealtime? Did you know their reluctance to wash their hands after a meal can affect how they eat during that meal?


So much of mealtime success depends on the eating environment and how toddlers perceive the entire experience. If they get their face scrubbed after eating – which many toddlers perceive as a negative sensory experience – many toddlers associate the entire eating process with negativity.

One feeding therapy technique from Judy (as found in our Toddler & Kid Course) involves cleaning up using 2 bowls – one with warm, soapy water and one with clean water.

Sadie, Megan’s niece, is shown here playing with these bowls independently, but of course we recommend assisting your toddler in dipping their hands in the bowls while you very gently wipe their face with a separate wet washcloth. Of course, help them avoid dumping water everywhere or eating the bubbles!

This serves multiple purposes – it helps clean your toddler’s hands faster, it gets them used to washing up after a meal, and it distracts them with something fun while you gently wash their face. They may be more likely to come to the table because they see the end of mealtime as a fun thing!

Our Toddler & Kid Course is full of tons of feeding therapy and nutrition techniques like these that will help you feel great about feeding your family. No more mealtime battles, no more begging or bribing, no more frustration around food.

You’ll receive access to our course indefinitely (as long as we’re selling/hosting them) and you can go back and watch them as often as you’d like. We look forward to helping your family as well! 



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