Baby-led Weaning, or Infant Self-feeding, is an option that many families choose when they start solids foods. Oftentimes they are met with resistance by friends and family members who don’t know why parents would choose letting their baby self-feed. This printable is a resource for people who might be confused about BLW or might want to better understand its benefits.


If you’re peeked around our website or followed us on Instagram, you’re well aware that we love Baby-led Weaning (BLW) when it’s appropriate for a family. Megan has been teaching it since 2013 to thousands of families in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and she and Judy released an online version of the course in 2017 utilizing feeding therapy and nutrition therapy techniques.

With that being said, BLW is not appropriate for all families. If your baby has developmental, medical or special nutritional needs, or if BLW doesn’t work for you, that’s OK! What matters is promoting self-feeding as much as possible. If you’re doing pureed food on spoons, let the baby bring the spoon to their own mouth when possible. Try to transition to other textures besides purees by no later than 9 months. Work with your doctor if feeding doesn’t seem to be going well.

And don’t forget, our infant course is full of tips and troubleshooting no matter if you started with BLW or you started with spoon-feeding and want to transition to self-feeding.

Click the link below for a PDF version of this downloadable!