Did you know that a vegetable serving size for two-year-olds is just 2 tablespoons? Yes, only 2 tablespoons! (They can always have more of course!) 


Parents always worry about vegetable consumption. Toddlers and kids don’t always tend to gravitate to veggies, but there are so many things we can do to help them learn about them in a safe, low-pressure way. (And also, your kid will survive if they don’t eat a veggie every day even if you serve them. Promise. Go easy on yourself, friend! Toddlers and kids are fickle about food – it’s NORMAL.)

What matters is exposure. Are you serving veggies at most lunches and dinners? (Maybe breakfasts here and there too?) Are you offering veggies as part of snacks? If your kiddo never sees a veggie, it will be harder for them to learn to love them.

Our full plan for getting eating back on track with your toddler or young child can be found in our Toddler & Kid Course. If you haven’t taken it yet, keep in mind a few things: 

  • Serving sizes for veggies are WAY smaller than most people think. One tablespoon for 1-year-olds, 2 for two-year-olds etc. Your kiddo may be eating a lot more than you think.
  • Aim for exposing your child to at least 3 different veggies a day – the more the better, but don’t obsess or pressure them. It will just turn them off. (Getting them more interested is covered extensively in our course!)
  • Keep portions served very small. Remember that a food is very overwhelming if served in large quantities. Think a few pieces of cucumber, a few shreds of carrots.
  • Eat the veggies yourself too! Kids model what they see.

Need help with this? Want expert guidance from a dietitian and an OT feeding therapist (feeding behavior expert)? Check out our Toddler & Kid Course and join the thousands of parents worldwide who have taken back mealtime.



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