While you don’t need anything special for Baby-led Weaning or toddler feeding, the right gear (and realistic expectations) make restaurant eating much easier. Check out our Amazon shop that includes a Restaurant Essentials section.

Here are some of our favorites for eating on the go:

  • EZPZ mini mat to cover the table
  • Bapron Baby bib (our all-time favorite bib for 6m-3T)
  • NumNum GOOtensil for self-feeding smoother foods like guacamole or yogurt (also doubles as a teether for babies)
  • Gerber Graduates rounded tine fork for loading with food and promoting self-feeding (this may take more time and more attention from your baby, perfect for a restaurant dining experience!)
  • Toys for the time when you’re waiting for food – these will change as your child gets older, but we did favorite plush toys, teething toys and simple light blocks for babies and bandaids, wikki stix, stickers, and art as my girls got older. We put some favorite activities in the Amazon shop! Now that my kids are a little older, we just talk, color, and play tic tac toe as we wait for food!
  • A nice gratuity if your baby or toddler leaves a mess – if you don’t have the time or ability to pick up after a meal (especially if the floor is carpet and they have to vacuum), it’s nice to leave a little extra tip.


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