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General Feeding FAQ

What are your favorite cups for babies and toddlers?

We recommend open cups and straw cups. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Cup Drinking for more info! 

We need a high chair or booster. Which ones do you recommend?

Positioning at the table is super important, so we recommend high chairs and boosters that allow your child to be well-supported. Here are our favorites.

My baby gags a lot with food. What can I do?

First off, realize that gagging is a normal response as babies learn to feed themselves. It can be a good thing as long as it improves with time and practice. Read more about gagging here, and check out our favorite teethers that help babies practice chewing and desensitize the gag reflex. 

My toddler went from eating everything as a baby to becoming a very selective eater now. What can I do?

This is so normal! Between 12 and 24 months many toddlers become a lot more particular about food. Your job is to continue to provide a variety of foods in a positive, low-stress environment. Our Toddler/Kid Course helps guide you through this so you’ll feel less stressed and more empowered!

How can I wean my baby off of breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

Congratulations! You’re reaching a big milestone in your baby’s life. There are so many different ways to wean off the breast or bottle. We have created a Milk and Weaning eBook that is in both our Infant and Toddler/Kid courses that can help you with this process. If you want to purchase it separately, head here.

Do you offer meal plans?

We offer free Family Meal Toolkits! Check out Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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