Ready, set, SNACK!

We are oftentimes asked about portable snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated, and here are just some of our favorites! (We have a LOT of favorite snacks… search #feedinglittlessnacks on Instagram, and in the Toddler & Kid Course check out the Snack step for a printable!)




Of course, many families use crackers, cereal and puffs for their go-to diaper bag snacks…these are simply some different ideas to mix it up! These snacks are good for adults and older kids too!

They all happen to be dairy-free for those who need it.

We love snacks that have a little protein/fat and a veggie or fruit when possible – check our Toddler & Kid Course Snacks section for more on this! 

  1. Freeze dried peas like Karen’s Naturals brand are crunchy yet not hard {good for 14+ months, once your toddler starts to develop a rotary chew pattern} and are high in fiber and protein.
  2. Thin Stackers by Lundberg Farms are very thin rice or rice/whole grain cakes that are great with some sunflower seed butter for a satisfying snack with a (soft) crunch!
  3. Larabar has so many different flavors and are made with fruit, nuts and spices. The nuts are supposed to be fully blended, but gently squish each piece you give to your toddler to make sure.
  4. Whole fruit like oranges and pears are nature’s most portable food – protect pears from bruising by wrapping them up in a kitchen towel. Apples are choking hazards until age 4 unless softened by cooking or thinly sliced/shredded.
  5. Freeze-dried strawberries are crunchy and dissolvable. They also have a ton of vitamin C and are fun for kids to eat! They’re less sticky than dried fruit.
  6. Hippeas Snacks are organic chickpea puffs that also happen to be vegan and gluten-free. They’re great for kids who want a cheese flavor but need a dairy-free option. (Dairy-free adults also love these!)
  7. That’s It bar has 2 ingredients – in this case, apple and mango – and is softer and less tough/chewy than some other fruit leathers. Since dried fruit can be sticky, make sure to offer water with it and brush your tot’s teeth well back at home!


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