All new breakfast series – Part 1: Allergen-free Breakfast Ideas! These ideas also happen to be all plant-based options. 


We want to take you through many different ways to mix up breakfast, starting with ideas for our friends allergic to any of the top 8 allergens – all ideas shown are free from the common allergens, but of course humans can be allergic to anything. (Judy is allergic to avocado!) Modify if your child can’t tolerate something shown.

We also have plenty of breakfast ideas in our free Breakfast Toolkit as well.
If you have taken our online courses, you know that early and frequent exposure to allergens is important for non-allergic kiddos. But if you have a child with an egg, dairy or wheat allergy, breakfast can be tough. Many typical “breakfast” foods that have some protein in them contain an allergen.

Each idea here contains fat, a little protein, and fiber – this combo of macronutrients is important for blood sugar regulation and keeping kids satisfied so they can play, learn and grow. Many protein options like hemp hearts, sunflower seed butter and chia seeds are also a good source of iron – a critical nutrient in childhood! Protein needs aren’t crazy high for kids – they just need exposure to some protein to help balance their nutrition.

If you’re struggling with picky eating or want to help prevent it in your child, don’t forget to check out our Toddler & Kid Course.

Each food served here, except the more crunchy rice cake, is appropriate for 6+ months – hold off on the rice cake until around 14-16 months unless you use a really thin rice cake. Babies under 1 can have sips of smoothies, but we don’t want smoothie intake to displace their breast milk or formula intake.

The smoothie shown is made from 1 cup Ripple Foods milk (put in blender first), 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 3/4 cup frozen mango, 3 pitted dates and 1 T. coconut oil. We recommend serving smoothies alongside whole foods because many kids (and adults) aren’t satisfied with a meal when they just drink it.

Bread shown: Follow Your Heart brand from Whole Foods.

Don’t forget that breakfast doesn’t have to come from “breakfast” foods!


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